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The Senior Palmers were surprised last week with a few days away in the Cotswolds and yep they left us at home to stay with the Junior Palmers (don't worry they're young adults now!!). So were we behaved - day 1 nope, not all, day 2 and 3 we performed well so that they weren't annoyed with us all the time! What we didn't know was that we could have gone with them for a little extra cost; they obviously didn't check that out before going off!

Have you been away on a holiday recently, or were you sequestered away with family, friends or kennels?

Don't you think paw friends this bed looks just perfect for bouncing?

How we make our humans happy

I know, it's obviously true that having us in your lives makes a huge difference in your life. Here's my top 5 reasons why.

1.Our smile, makes you smile.

2. We encourage you to move off the couch.

3. Dogs get us chatting and being sociable when we meet people walking.

4. There's never a dull amount when there's a dog in your life.

5. We hold all your worries and secrets and are safer than a lock and key.

This is exactly why we should have gone on the staycation too!

Millie and Her Mum - Living with dementia

Receiving a diagnosis of dementia in the family can be very stressful and there are lots of questions that need answering, one of which is what will happen to their dog when it becomes impossible for them to provide the care the dog needs?

My mum was diagnosed over 5 years ago when I wasn't even born but when her elderly Jack Russell passed away a year later, it was thought a good idea for mum to have another dog. Not only did I keep her company as she lived alone, but I also made sure that she got out of her home daily and kept chatting to the neighbours and friends that she passed on her walk. We became inseparable. Fast-forward 4 years and my mum became poorly over the summer of 2020 and by December 2021 she was taken into hospital and then into a care home in the new year. Luckily my mum's niece and her family also adopted my sister, Olive, at the same time I went home with mum, so integrating me into their family went pretty smoothly. So I have the best of both worlds now, I see my first mum whilst living with my adoptive mum and my sister and her brother Ozzie.

See you in a fortnight!

Don't forget to tune into the parents podcast, which after many months of covid is back!

Millie xx


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