About Us

As a child, my mother seemed to be consistently bringing home strays, in this picture is one such pet, a Pekinese called Pinky. I clearly remember at one point, we shared our home with 6 cats, 2 dogs, 2 budgies, a hamster, a tortoise, a couple of fish and for little time 2 guinea pigs!

Having had this experience, it is no surprise that my love of animals has continued through into adulthood and to being a parent. Although my girls are now young adults, nothing much has changed and we are still parents to 2 dogs and 1 cat!

This is Olive, Jack Russell, and Ozzie, Chocolate Labrador. They were part of the inspiration for the t’shirts, as we started by designing t’shirts of them, for us!

Olive is 4 years old and she joined our family by chance when we were searching rescue homes for a new doggie for my aunt, who sadly had just said goodbye her Jack Russell. Olive loves cuddles and likes nothing better than snoozing curled up behind your knees. Olive can be very vocal and loud for a doggie so small!

Then there’s Ozzie, who was born in September 2019, so theoretically still a puppy, but you wouldn’t think that given how he has now grown so tall! He, like Olive, loves a cuddle, even to the extent of telling you off if you stop stroking him too soon!! As with all labradors, he LOVES his food and he is so quick to gobble up food if he sees no-one is looking!

For the last 20 years, I have worked in catering and a passion of mine is sourcing good quality local food that isn’t full of other stuff that you wouldn’t see in freshly cooked meals from scratch.

Because of this passion, I understand what it means to source products that are sustainable and which are manufactured with a conscience for not only the environment but also for those who they employee. This has meant that our focus is both on sustainability and looked after workforces.

Clothes are becoming more and more disposable either through low cost or the rate at which they are manufactured. Being able to purchase a t-shirt for the cost of a coffee is becoming the norm and I believe this unsustainable. My hope is that buying, when possible, a sustainable piece of clothing will help lower the rate at which we throw away clothes.

We appreciate that it is not always possible to buy organic but if we start with small steps and replace just one item of clothing with sustainable clothing, then we are collectively moving forward to more sustainability in the clothing sector.